Wasabi 101 for Making Sushi

Working with Wasabi for Sushi

Wasabi is a staple at all sushi nights. In this video I explain the different kinds of Wasabi and which one your likely to get at your local Sushi restaurant. Sushi Mark explains the basics of this essential sushi ingredient. Learn where to get Wasabi, and what’s the best value when buying the different kinds. Hi this is Sushi Mark her with MySushiDaddy.com I love sushi. I love it so much, and after years of eating it I decided to teach myself how to make it, and now I want to teach you. So please enjoy these video tutorials. Hi this is Sushi Mark here. Wasabi is a great condiment to any of your sushi nights.

I want to talk about how you buy it and the different types, and primarily there’s two types. There’s actually actual wasabi, which is grown in a stream and grated, almost like horse radish, but not horse radish, and it’s packaged in a little tube, and I paid about three dollars and fifty cents, and this is one point nine five ounces.

Powdered Wasabi

Powdered Wasabi

Freshly grated sushi wasabi is quite expensive for the real stuff, and then, and this has to be refrigerated. I keep this in the refrigerator at all times, and you want to use it as quickly as possible. The longer it stays around the less potent it is. So you want to make sure that you use it quickly. I normally do not buy this. for my money, I prefer the powder wasabi, and in my experience going to hundreds of different sushi restaurants over the last fifteen years, the vast majority of them, I’m talking like ninety-five percent have the powder form wasabi. So, let me show you that.

Now I was at the Asian market the other day and got a big brick. When they’re on sale I always grab one of these. Especially if I have my sister’s fiancé over because he loves wasabi to the point where he’s crying. I’m not that crazy, but this is a two-point-two pound bag, and this was nine-dollars and thirty-nine cents. And this will give you a lot of sushi nights, and the best thing is it stays for a very long period of time. I always double bag it in another zip-lock bag just to ensure that it stays fresh for longer periods of time. It has a pretty long shelf life as it is. I have another one that’s unopened, I’m sorry, that’s opened and I probably had it for five months or so. But this is a lot of wasabi.

Powder Wasabi

Powder Wasabi

Wasabi Paste for Sushi

Wasabi Paste

All you have to do is mix water with it, be careful when you mix it, when you first mix it, it’s this lime-green color, and it’s so pungent. With just that smell will clear out your nostrils. So be very careful when you initially make it, and you can always tell fresh wasabi, well, not fresh wasabi, but freshly made powdered wasabi by the color. The more vibrant the color the fresher it is and the more recent it is that it was made. As it gets older it has a brownish-grayish tint to it and it becomes less potent, so you’ll need more of it in your soya sauce in order to get that same heat level that you like. So, for my money, like I said, always go with the powdered wasabi. You can get this online at MySushiDaddy.com or you can visit any of your Asian local markets, and normally get it at Whole Foods has it as well. But it is extremely expensive for a small jar it’s four bucks or so. And this here, you can get online for a reasonable price. So hope you enjoyed this video tutorial on wasabi.

You can visit my website at MySushiDaddy.com to buy it from Amazon.com I am an affiliate, I do earn a commission and I thank you for supporting my sushi site, and above all, I hope you enjoy making your sushi, thanks a lot for watching.

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Wasabi for Sushi Rolls

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