How to Make A Salmon Bagel Roll

How to Make A Salmon Bagel Roll

This salmon bagel roll is a classic roll with salmon, cream cheese and green onions, and is excellent for any sushi menu. This roll can be enjoyed as an excellent party starter, or as a full meal. It is healthy, delightfully spicy and smoky, and is certainly a class sushi favorite. This is a bagel roll with salmon, cream cheese, and green onions. I buy the salmon fresh frozen from Catalina Offshore Products and have it delivered fresh and frozen within 24 hours to my door.

Equipment Needed:

  • Sushi Mat
  • Sharp Serrated Knife
  • 1 Gallon Freezer Bag
  • Clean wet rag


  • Nori (1/2 Sheet)
  • Sushi Rice (Prepared; One Palmful)
  • Fresh Frozen Salmon (1/2” x ½” long enough to cover roll from end to end)
  • Cream Cheese (1/4” x ¼” cut directly from the block and pinched to reach both ends)
  • Green Onions (1/8th cup; to taste)
Salmon for Sushi Rolls

Salmon for Sushi Rolls

Topping: 1 Tsp. Black and Toasted Sesame Seed mix

Presentation: Square black plates are always my favorite but you can really place these in a beautiful design on whatever type of serving dish that you prefer.

Bagel rolls are more commonly known as classic sushi, and are simple to make. Make sure that the sushi mat is tucked into a clean one-gallon plastic zip lock style bag prior to creating the salmon roll to ensure that the sushi prepared rice does not stick to the mat. Start off with a half sheet of Nori, as is common with sushi recipes that have three ingredients. Place the Nori onto the plastic covered sushi mat, and add a handful of sushi prepared steamed rice.

Making A Salmon Bagel Roll

Generously sprinkle the two types of sesame seeds, both black and toasted, onto the sushi prepared rice to taste.  These two seeds can be added together and mixed in their own shaker, but I prefer to keep mine in the separate containers in which they arrived. These seeds add a wonderful flavor to the top of the Salmon Bagel roll, and provide for a more satisfying presentation. Turn the Nori sheet over. Add the stick of cream cheese, just sliced directly from the block, and pinch it so that it stretches and covers the entire length of the salmon roll. The cream cheese really ties it all together and the green onions that give it that spicy flavor that appeals to so many.

Salmon Sushi Roll

Salmon Sushi Roll

Uniformly, and lightly disperse the green onions to taste across the entire cream cheese section. Place the sliced Salmon evenly across the bagel roll, making sure that each bite will produce a spectacular combination of salmon, sweet cream cheese, and spicy green onions. I roll the filling with my sushi mat using my fingers to press it down and then roll it over to seal it, and then press it down again so that it is firmed up.

Now it is time to cut our Salmon Bagel Roll. Make sure to have the clean, wet rag on hand so that the knife can be wiped between cut. Cut the sushi roll in half, and then each side in half, and then half again until there are eight uniform pieces. This bagel roll is one of my personal favorites as it brings Salmon, cream cheese, and spicy green onions in one place for an overwhelmingly satisfying taste bud creation.

 How to Make A Salmon Bagel Roll

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